Sculpture I made when I was 18, installed by my father in his garden, 2011


This image is perhaps an apt one as the starting point for my re-engagement with the blog format. It is my intention to develop a sort of sketch book in this space. The documentation of a creative process which I always think of as being like cultural osmosis as we suck in all the things that we see, hear or experience and it becomes a ‘higher solute concentration’ that we use to create work. It is perhaps less important to define where ideas come form and indeed may be impossible to pinpoint the exact nature or moment when the seed germinates. Visual culture is a catalyst. For example I read this book X and it inspired me to do Y. But it is only because of ones existing cultural encyclopedia that a specific solution is landed upon. The pinpointing of an idea is a reflexive activity and perhaps like catching smoke with your hands. However, I hope, his tool will aid the development of my work, highlighting zeitgeist that makes something intangible expressible to a wider audience (wider than oneself).

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