Edward Weston, Pepper’s, 1929-30

Research, Rhizome

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I am worried that this project, and the approach I have to still life is slightly missing the point of why I stared the project. I have re-visited Roberta McGrath’s essay Re-Reading Edward Weston: Feminism, Photography and Psychoanalysis Date: 1987 reproduced in Illuminations: women writing on photography from the 1850’s to the present, 1997. Thinking about thsi in reference to section of a symposium from the Tate archive from 2010 (Agency and Automatism: Photography as Art since the 1960’s). Robin Kelsey lecture Random Generation: John Baldessari, Photography, and the early 1970s is particularly good. In it he compares Baldessari’s book, Choosing: Grean Beans, 1972 with Weston’s images of peppers. “Weston’s day books document his process of selection…“I chose unusually strong and beautiful peppers to photograph and why not?” He distinguishes his greater sensitivity to that of the “house wife who picks common place peppers for stuffing” Here is the masculine shopper going to the market and he is selecting on a different bases (a higher elevated basis) than economic selection” Agency and Autonmatism: Part 3, 1.35.00

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