Highlights from dOCUMENTA(13). Janet Cardiff and Georg Bures Miller


I don’t really have any photograph of the two pieces by Janet Cardiff and Georg Bures Miller but they were fantastic. One was an ipod video walk(Alter Bahnhof Video Walk) around the Hauptbahnhof that encompassed dance, social history and interactive notions of time and place. The second a series of soundscapes FOREST (for a thousand years…).in a small coppice in the park that transported you from the center of  a battle i the second world war to a sublime experience with choral music  The thing that I loved most about there work was the ability of it to transport you to somewhere else; whether that was through personal narrative or through experiential and engaging immersive experience.

Here is a link to their site

and an image from the ipod work at the Hauptbahnhof..


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