Practice what you teach

Practice what you teach. Term 1

For the past four years I have been working as an hourly paid lecturer on Nottingham Trent University’s photography BA. It is the first day of term and a colleague and myself have decided to do an experiment;  completing the brief that we have set our students. This will be a ten week project finishing on the 26th November 2012.

My colleagues results can be found at

Please see below for the brief.


Photography, Visual and Professional Practice. Term 1

Photography and….

Tutor. Peter Ainsworth

The emphasis of this term is on experimentation. In pushing your perceptions of what photography can be. It is an opportunity for you to fundamentally question why you are using lens based medium to make work. To develop the content of your visual practice to a new depth informed by a considered and thorough research methodology. This term you will expand the scope of your practice and produce exciting, new and innovative work.

I argue that producing photographs is a direct response to all the stimuli that you are exposed to. The more you research, the more that you look at/read/experience the richer your work will become. The act of making is a conversation between you (the producer) and visual culture as a whole. However photography is never experienced in a vacuum. Experimentation, though central to the creative process is difficult to quantify. We are often so involved with the development of a project that we are unable to see that our focus may be imposing limits to our creativity.

So to help you develop your work into new areas this term I want you to become a multi-disciplinary practitioner. You will do this by pairing your photography with work completed in at least one other medium. What you pair your photographs with is up to you. For example you may choose to work in both photography and film, photography and text, photography and performance or photography and drawing. However your engagement with the form of working should be appropriate to your subject matter, and receive the same research attention as your photographic work in the projects development. In essence this will be an investigation into the nature of the photographic through another medium, pushing the photographic into a different realm. Finding a subject area that you are enthused about, that you are able to analyse, question and engage with. Above all do some thing you have not done before on a scale that you have not used before, in a medium you have not worked with before.

Final crit

The final crit is on the 26th November 2012 in which you are expected to complete a 5 minute visual presentation of work and research.

What you need to hand in.

Research folio documenting experiments, theoretical concerns and the breadth of visual material that you are CRITICALLY analysing produced as a PDF/blog. I want you to produce a research folder that documents your experimental process. In this context it is not enough to copy/paste articles and images (If there is a link/quote in your work from WIKI without reference to direct source material or copy/paste without original commentary I will deduct marks) but rather I want you to try to articulate how and why you are making the choices that you are making within your work. It is about establishing a digital footprint that is professional, well presented and specifically about your project.

50 word project précis (brief project description)

Project statement (max one side of A4)

Set of finished images (labelled and ordered)

All these elements should be produced digitally

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