Autumn Newsletter, 2012


It is autumn as I write this newsletter, and the leaves of blackberry bushes, once verdant and green are turning into empty chrysalis, their hollow tendrils still grazing the concrete of the ‘Zone’. My first London solo show opens at George and Jorgen Gallery on Friday 12th October running till Friday 2nd November. The private view is on Thursday 11th October.

The show will consist of work that has not been seen in this country before. A mixture of new video pieces and photographic work based around my engagement with the ‘Zone’ I have been inhabiting for the past two years and my interest in Graham Harman’s writing surrounding Object Oriented Ontology. In addition to the show I have organised a discussion with the research group Object Space Entanglements based at Nottingham Trent University.

In this event Senior Lecturer in theory and Photography practice Jean Baird, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy and Social Theory Dr.Kevin Love and Senior lecturer in critical and cultural practice in photography Dr.David Reid will talk about their engagement with notions of photography, nature and the material world contextualised by an artists talk surrounding my recent practice. This event will take place on Saturday 27th October. If you would like to attend please e-mail the gallery as spaces are limited.

Earlier in the summer I presented work from the project ‘Section’ in Uncommon Ground at Flowers East. Chris Littlewood did a fantastic job of curating the show (and related publication) and there were some really interesting threads that came from the exhibition that I am perusing in my new work. Please see below for a link to some install shots.

And for a review of the show in the Financial Times written by Rachel Spence.

Since then I have produced two new bodies of work. Tendrils, 2012 and Anthropomorphised Sunflowers, 2012. These projects are designed as newspapers. Here is a link for you to have a look.

Looking forward I am working towards a show called ‘Render’ for the spring. It will be a three person show in London working with artists Adam Watts and Andy Wicks. We share an interest in architecture and in particular spaces that are often overlooked – building sites, mooring structures or storm drains – areas that are on the peripheries of urban environments but without which the city would not fit together. Our response to these sites is quite different however what ties our work together is a fascination with physical surface: the render of objects that are resplendent in their disorder. Where the show at George and Jorgen is quite intimate the work I will present in this context will be on quite a different scale engaging with both the materiality of the objects depicted and that of the photograph as surface.

In addition the ginger rhizomes, that have been the subject of recent work, contained in their cardboard coffin are starting to wither. But more of this in the winter.

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