Initial ideas: Photography and…

Practice what you teach. Term 1

Like all people its been really busy over the past week: start of teaching year, working on major install install at Tate, preparing work for my first London Solo show and the dog having eaten my homework. Nevertheless as the first seminar session for VP2 is tomorrow and I will expect them to have done some work, I should have also. So here are my initial thought on the project for ‘practice what you teach’.

The basis of this project is again on my engagement with the ‘zone.’ I often refer to the notion of the ‘studio in the landscape’ but I am not really expressing this idea within my working practice. There is a sense that the studio landscape is a contained space, but not (as most peoples studios are) a place for an experimental process contained within it. In 2009 I worked on a piece of work called, ‘the Photographer and Puppeteer’.


In this work I created a dialog with a Puppeteer who I invited to come on to site and make a puppet from material that she found there. She would then create a performance based on the character created and in reaction to me the photographer. Though I really like the images that came out of this space they were really not resolved enough, nor was there any consideration of an audience for the work within the context of the space. So it is my intention to revisit the ethic of this way of working. To use this project as something of a proposal for an organisation such as Art angel that has a performative, audience based ‘show’ contained within the context of the site.

This process of investigation is really informed by work that I saw at dOCUMENTA(13). Here are some links to previous posts as it is these artists that I have drawn inspiration from in the construction of future actions.
My initial practical inquiry will be to go back to site. Think about the materials that are there and what may be done with them, look at the notion of the site as a theater space and start to consider actions, that would be really engaging as a spectacle that would have relevance both to the space and its wider surroundings.



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