Practice what you teach: Sites.

Interventions, London, Practice what you teach. Term 1

I have been a little pre-occupied with monumental recent events in my personal life and as such have not put the commitment I intended into the project ‘Practice what you teach’ . These sort of life events occur all the time in students lives and I feel a new sense of empathy for them; balancing work and university projects at the same time. Though I feel compelled to work within the time frame I have set myself; and indeed half intend to present my working process at the crit on the 26th November (next Monday)

So here are some images of the site that I have been working on; which may be familiar. It is my initial idea to determine an identity to the site or rather to use it as a space in which to see art work; determining the exact nature of appropriate action within the space has been somewhat more difficult. Here are some images that have formed the basis for my current thought process as I think about what piece may be best suited to the site.

I am conscious that access, legal and indeed health and safety concerns are an important factor in the actualisation of the project . The site has multiple risks and public safety issues being next to a road, railway and large scrap metal yard. Its not somewhere that is particularly kid friendly. This said I really want this to be something that, (given a bit of funding) could be an event/action that could happen. The photographs therefore have very practical thoughts in mind like if I am going to do a projection where is the projector going to hang and how is it going to be hung?
Images for site of Cinema Site A

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