Patrick Keiller The Robinson Institute

Experiments, London, Practice what you teach. Term 1, Research

Patrick Keiller has been an influence on my work since I saw London at University in 2000.  I do not quite share his enthusiasm for psychogeography, but I find his work really entertaining. Working with him on the install at Tate was a great experience and he was an affable person (which makes a real difference on an install).

Of the works presented in the Robinson Institute I really liked the ‘outtakes’ from Robinson in Ruins; a series of locked off shots of landscapes. It was lovely seeing them in the morning when working at Tate Britain; each day seeing a different part of the completed piece; snippets as if seeing the work from a car window.

From a technical viewpoint the manner in which the video screen was suspended between two pillars in the Duveen gallery seems like an elegant solution to the problem of how to get a screen between the concrete pillars of the zone

Have a look at the install here


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