Practice what you teach. Term 2. Research.

Practice what you teach. Term 2., Research

I am greatly indebted the the excellent Dr. Brendan Walker (thrill engineer extraordinaire) ( ) for helping me start some practical research in reference to the particular technical problems that I will have to overcome if I realize my initial design ideas for a machine that takes the sound of the space and transfers this into a form that resonates the water. (see previous post)  I still need to work through what is actually occurring within the context of the piece, if it has resonance particularly in reference to my interest in speculative realism but have been directed into a different sphere; into Cymatics (see links below)

I am quite enthused by this form that is new to me, however the results that are produced are aesthetically less interesting. There is a real sense that the depictions though in reference to the source of energy are models of interpretation. I do not feel that (as is claimed) they reveal the object. Aesthetically they feel too modernist in their structure, emphasizing the idea that Bruno Latour talks about in we have never been modern of  the model of science. that these forms of interpretation talk more about the system than the ‘thing’ studied.


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